Edwards Physiotherapy

New Pain Therapies


 I had occasion to contact Doug a few weeks back as a result of a jammed neck, which he was as usual was able to free up, I also mention I had a very tender thumb and that I was reluctant to get a steroid shot for it. Doug showed me some very small NPI devices and ran through the theory behind them. I was prepared to listen to that commentary as I was a distributor for Nikken for several years so was familiar with magnet technology.

Doug, with the use of a sensor was able very accurately to locate the “hot spots” and placed 3 of the magnets accordingly. I have to say that within minutes the pain had gone from my thumb and as at today the difference is remarkable. I have reapplied them as there is a slight swelling again and will leave them on for a week this time but I can certainly attest that I had almost immediate relief for the previously inflamed condition.

Brian Corbett