Edwards Physiotherapy

New Pain Therapies


 I have had chronic backache for about 14  years. I have varying degrees of pain and stiffness, with pins and needles.  When the pain is bad, I would feel lethargic and down, and have difficulty in  sleeping. I would have to take pain-killers to find some relief. I have tried  all sorts of treatment: physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, neurolink,  Chinese and Western acupuncture, breathing exercises, etc. Most forms of  treatment would only give me temporary relief.

About four months ago, I was referred to Edwards  Physiotherapy and was introduced to NPI therapy. I felt much less pain just  15 minutes after the devices were applied. I find the octapolar devices even  more effective. For the first time, I can go through my days feeling quite  comfortable when the octapoles are on. My body is now more responsive to the Feldenkrais treatment, which I have been seeking in the last two years. I am  hopeful that one day I would be completely healed.