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 It was a Friday morning and I was just starting a weights work out at the gym after 30 minutes warm up on the cross trainer when I went to kneel down and felt my right quad tear. After half an hour or so of icing my leg and still not being able to actually lift my leg without using my hands to assist I managed to hobble down the corridor to see Doug (Physio). Upon assessing my leg and confirming that I had in fact tore the muscle Doug applied two NPI devices over the tear and advised me to rest up over the weekend, within a few minutes of applying the devices I could feel a noticeable decrease in the pain I was feeling while just resting and although Doug said that I should be up and walking normally within 7-10 days I admit I was skeptical due to the nature of the injury.

By Monday morning when I was back to see Doug, I was able to walk (with just a slight limp) and felt minimal pain when doing the basic things like walking up and down stairs. I even managed to do a very light cardio work out on the bike, cross trainer and then a slow walk. The devices were removed and by Friday just a week from when I injured my leg with light cardio and a couple of visits to Doug I was able to jog on the treadmill and by Monday I was able to run 5km out on the road.

When I tore my quad I fully expected to be out of action for a good 3-4 weeks before I could even start running again, but I believe that the devices that were applied to my leg has significantly decreased my recovery time and after 2 weeks of injuring my leg I was back to light weight training and running.

Marissa Hockey