Edwards Physiotherapy

New Pain Therapies


I was having pain increasing in the hamstring area of my left leg. This was becoming too painful to sit down and I decided to visit Doug Edwards to have the problem checked out. Doug was keen to try the NPI therapy treatment and after a probing he located a couple of spots on my spine where he placed the devices.

I then stood up and to my amazement the pain was greatly reduced and I had more freedom of movement, could walk without limping and could sit easier. The seated pain was still apparent but nowhere near as painful. As a skeptic, I was keen for the traditional way of manipulation to done but after witnessing the results of the magnets I have to say that I would recommend this first. As a pain therapy I believe they offer a real benefit.

I have also had the chance to use them on Mosquito bites and happily report that the itch subsided within a few minutes once a small device was applied.

Overall I am happy that Doug used the NPI devices on me and I have purchased two smaller ones for use at home.

Paul Gardham