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chronic knee pain treatment

Are you suffering from pain? Do you continually rely on prescribed medication like painkillers or anti-inflammatories as a chronic knee pain treatment? Is pain restricting your quality of life?

NPI Therapy offers you natural, drug free and non-invasive therapy to target chronic pain like osteoarthritis. When placed on the knee, the unique NPI Therapy device works as a chronic knee pain treatment to target the origin of pain and provide effective and rapid pain relief.

Let the power of Neuro Pain Inhibitors assist you with natural, a drug-free treatment

NPI Therapy can offer you natural, non-invasive and easily
applied therapy for knee pain relief.

The unique magnetic field created by an NPI Quadrapolar device works directly on the knee joint, providing effective and immediate relief.

Based on research, clinical trials (including our Auckland pilot study, and Harvard Medical School study) endorsed with feedback from patients and health professionals, NPI Therapy is now accepted as a pain relief treatment.

chronic knee pain treatment

Meet Greg

“I’m 58 years old. I’m a bricklayer by trade so I work my job pretty hard and I’ve had really painful right knee. For the last four or five years it’s been...

Watch his story.

Doug Edwards

Hi, I'm Doug Edwards, registered physiotherapist

I am dedicated to positive pain relief by utilising natural technologies that have been repeatedly proven to aid relief. In my time as a physiotherapist I have seen countless changes in the way physiotherapy is practiced. The most dramatic of these changes provides legitimate hope for people who suffer from chronic pain. I'm passionate about this simple, effective product because I have seen rapid relief before my very eyes for long-time knee pain suffers. Let the power of Neuro Pain Inhibitors assist you with natural, drug-free chronic knee pain treatment.

NPI Therapy is a unique natural form of treatment that harnesses similar magnetic energy that is used in an MRI to calm down nerves and over-sensitive pain pathways

NPI Therapy Kit

Chronic knee pain treatment - drug-free & extraordinarily effective

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