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About Doug

Doug Edwards is a passionate physiotherapist with over 45 years of experience. He has owned and operated a number of successful physiotherapy practices where he combines his own significant experience and knowledge with cutting edge treatments. Using effective and therapeutic treatments, Doug’s primary focus is helping people live pain free lives.

Doug is dedicated to positive pain relief by utilising new natural technologies that have been repeatedly proven to aid relief. In Doug’s time as a physiotherapist he’s seen countless changes in the way physiotherapy is practiced. The most dramatic of these changes provides legitimate hope for people who suffer from chronic pain.

About NPI Therapy

What is it?

NPI Therapy offers you natural, drug free and non-invasive therapy to target chronic pain like osteoarthritis. When placed on the knee joint, the unique magnetised Quadrapolar device works to provide effective and rapid pain relief.

Why does NPI Therapy exist?

NPI Therapy exists most simply to inhibit pain. It works to reduce chronic pain by providing a natural, effective alternative to continuous prescription medication. NPI technology is an incredible proven method of pain relief for everyday people.

Who does NPI Therapy help?

Anyone with knee pain! From sports people to osteoarthritis sufferers, if you suffer from chronic knee pain that affects your movement and your quality of life, then consider NPI Therapy. It's risk free!

NPI Therapy - New Zealand - Neuro Pain Inhibitor

How the NPI Therapy device works

The Class 1 medical device is intended to produce a small magnetic field which passes through a specific area hindered by pain. The quadrapolar magnetic device works to provide comfort and therapeutic relief from chronic pain that can be experienced in the back, neck, shoulder and knee areas. 

The NPI devices are typically applied directly onto the skin with a hypoallergenic adhesive. They are a realistic and affordable form of pain relief that avoids the use of prescription medication.

NPI devices are comfortable to wear, extremely powerful and ideal in ensuring you can continue to live your life normally, without the difficulties and stress created by chronic pain.


Cosimo Costantino 2007

“From this study it has emerged that inserting a quadruple magnet in a plaster cast in hand and wrist fractures results in the formation of bone callus in an average time that is 35% inferior to ‘standard time’.”

Markov 2009

“A number of clinical studies, in vito animal experiments and in vitro cellular and membrane research, all suggest that magnetic and electromagnetic field stimulation can accelerate the healing processes.

Magnetic Fields (MF) have been proven to be clinically safe, and is well accepted that MF provide a practical, non-invasive method for inducing cell and tissue modifications which can correct selected pathological states.

The most effective clinical applications of these fields over the past 25 years relate to bone unification, pain reduction and soft tissue oedema. The treatment success rate for these patients approaches 80%, with virtually no reported complications after nearly three decades of use.”

Harvard Medical School of Study 2004

“There is scientific evidence that suggests static magnetic therapy can affect biological systems, thereby potentially affecting pain due to osteoarthritis. 

In-vito experimental evidence suggests that static magnetic fields can do the following: decrease the firing rate of certain neurons, particularly C-type chronic pain neurons; change the rate of enzyme-mediated reactions which may play a role in inflammatory cascades and free radical generation; modulate intracellular signalling by affecting the functioning of calcium channels in blood flow.”


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