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Acuhealth Trigger Point Therapy


There are hundreds of trigger points (acupuncture points) in the human body that can give rise to chronic pain. Acuhealth Trigger Point Therapy is a new technique, now being successfully applied throughout the world, that combines the principles of acupuncture, physical therapy and micro-current stimulation to attack pain at its source. This new approach to pain relief is successfully helping many chronic pain sufferers live normal lives.

Acuhealth Trigger Point Therapy is delivered using a small hand-held device that transmits minute, concentrated electrical pulses directly to the affected nerve points.  It’s an effective, non-invasive, approach to pain relief that can provide excellent results after just one short treatment, with long-lasting, often permanent, relief.

Acuhealth Trigger Point Therapy, when combined with traditional physiotherapy, can deliver synergistic, therapeutic pain  relief to long-suffering patients.  Applying stimulation to combinations of trigger points provides immediate pain relief by decreasing muscle spasm and releasing endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

Edwards Physiotherapy recommends the Acuhealth Professional 900 device for safe and effective trigger-point stimulation without needles.

Developed in Australia, the Acuhealth device is now being used worldwide to provide great relief to many people suffering pain or discomfort.

About Doug

Doug Edwards is a passionate physiotherapist with over 45 years of experience. He has owned and operated a number of successful physiotherapy practices where he combines his own significant experience and knowledge with cutting edge treatments. Using effective and therapeutic treatments, Doug’s primary focus is helping people live pain free lives.

Doug is dedicated to positive pain relief by utilising new natural technologies that have been repeatedly proven to aid relief. In Doug’s time as a physiotherapist he’s seen countless changes in the way physiotherapy is practiced. The most dramatic of these changes provides legitimate hope for people who suffer from chronic pain.


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