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What is NPI Therapy?

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Chronic and debilitating pain affects millions of people worldwide. The most common forms of chronic pain are arthritis, back pain, neck pain or lingering pain from an injury or surgery.  Often chronic pain behaves like a smoke alarm that continues to sound long after the fire has been put out.  The pain signals keep firing and the sensation of strong pain persists.

NPI Therapy is a unique natural form of  treatment that harnesses the power of technology used in the MRI to calm down nerves and over sensitive pain pathways.

This therapy uses NPI devices positioned at the source of the pain to effect rapid relief.

Based on research, clinical results and the feedback of thousands of patients and hundreds of health professionals, NPI Therapy is a new, positive pain relief option.

The problem with current drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and prescription or over-the-counter painkillers, is that they sometimes offer only marginal relief and come with potential problems and side-effects. 

NPI Therapy is a perfect alternative because each device targets only the area it is applied to.

How it works

NPI Therapy consists of a device that has been designed to produce a small magnetic field which passes through a specific area hindered by pain. The quadrapolar magnetic devices work to provide comfort and therapeutic relief from chronic pain that can be experienced in the back, neck, shoulder and knee areas. 

The NPI devices are typically applied directly onto the skin with a hypoallergenic adhesive. They are a realistic and affordable form of physiotherapy that avoids the use of prescription medication.

NPI devices are comfortable to wear, extremely powerful and ideal in ensuring you can continue to live your life normally, without the difficulties and stress created by chronic pain.

Knee pain relief may be one small step away

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