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Using NPI Therapy is easy and stress free

Follow our step by step guide to ensure the best outcome

Remove device

Get your new NPI device out of it’s holder, by sliding it up and out.

NPI Therapy for Knee Pain.

Find the right location

Most knee osteoarthritis involves the inner side of the joint. Firm finger pressure is the best way to find the most sensitive part of the knee joint for correct placement. Mark this spot with a pen on the skin. The knee joint is found horizontal from the lower point of the kneecap. Check both sides of the knee for sensitive bony areas.

Applying devices

Take your hypoallergenic hospital grade tape and tear off a piece or two that will cover the NPI device and sufficient skin around it. Place the tape on the logo/written side, then attach over the mark on the skin determined in Step 2. Ensure the silver side of the device is in contact with the skin.

Please note

If correct placement has been achieved you should note a change in your pain levels in 5-15 minutes.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information:

NPI Therapy device on the knee joint for pain

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